Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are a great addition to every fitness goal! Whether your goal is to begin an exercise regiment or to challenge yourself, we have the class for you. Take your health and fitness to the next level and avoid the dreaded plateau by engaging in a Group Fitness class today!

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BLT – That’s buns, legs and tummy! A hardcore lower body workout that will tone your bottom half using Swiss Balls, Bosu Balls, and more! *All Levels

Belly Blast® – A 30 minute class focused entirely on the midsection! *Mat Class for All Levels

Body Pump® - The fastest way to get in shape! It’s the original barbell workout, utilizing some of the most popular resistance exercises on the gym floor. *All Levels Pump and SpinA 60minute class that incorporates Body Pump and Cycling. Don’t get into a rut: try something new! *All Levels

Boot Camp - Good old fashioned military style exercises, featuring bodyweight training, cardio and team based exercises. *Intermediate-Advanced

Coffee RideSocial hour in the Spin Room! Come take a gentle ride keeping your heart rate in the ‘fat burning’ zone, chatting with friends, and learning about the world of Spin. Great for those who have never set foot in the Spin Room and serious spinners looking for ‘active recovery’. *Please bring Water and Friends! You may also bring a Gel seat for your comfort. *All Levels

Cycle & Abs® - Mostly cycle with an abdominal twist!  A 45 minute group cycle class that ends with 15 minutes of core strengthening exercises. *All Levels

FitKidz- A FREE exercise class for kids ages 10-13! Our I.C. Results Personal Trainers will lead your children through fun workouts, teaching them healthy facts while you get time for you own workout. Click for flyer

Group Cycle - Get ready to sweat! Instructors take riders through heart pumping journeys through hills, flats, intervals, time trials and mountains, all on a stationary RevPro Master bike. You control the speed and resistance. *Instructor will assist you at your personal skill level in each class.

Hi-Lo® - An old-fashioned aerobics class. Come get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories.  *Beginner-Intermediate

Kickboxing – The perfect interval class for people looking to HIT something! Instructors take the class through a series of striking drills against a heavy bag while incorporating team-based calisthenics. *All Levels

The Mixx – Mega Intense (xx-mystery training). If you like a surprise and want to “Mixx” up your type of fitness training each and every week, this is the class for you! Each class is a Mixx of cardio and strength training; however, you’ll never know what the instructor has planned. *Intermediate-Advance

Piloxing® - A new and popular combo of Cardio Kickboxing and Pilates! Burn fat while building and sculpting muscle. *All levels

Power Yoga® – Yoga with a kick! Build strength, stamina, and burn fat. Uses pilates ball, BOSU ball, stability ball, and more. *Mat Class, All Levels

Silver Fit Club - Just for our seniors! A great way to stay active and avoid “mall-traffic.” Come join us for an aerobic circuit class with hand-held weights, a ball, and elastic bands with handles. We will use a chair for seated or standing exercises, moderate to intense upper body strength and coordination work alternating with rythmic low-impact aerobic choreography. *Designed specifically for Seniors 55+

Step/Sculpt - The original step class incorporating a great aerobic workout with choreography on a step and weight training. The perfect cardio and strength blast. *All Levels

Summertime Arms® - Back by popular demand! Get and keep those arms looking great in a sleeveless shirt. A 30 minute class that strengthens and tones your upper body: biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and back.  *All Levels

Walk it out -  An outdoor class that utilizes the entire campus (now indoors during winter months—sorry no strollers inside). Moderate interval cardio training and strength work.  If you aren’t quite ready to crawl back to your car, this is the class for you. Recommended for pregnant women, those with infants in strollers and seniors. *Beginner

Yoga - Come stretch and strengthen your muscles while improving balance and flexibility. Focus on your body and your breathing as you learn to relax in each position. *Mat Class for All Levels
Yoga and Pilates combined!  YaS – Yoga and Spin Combo: can be taken separately, better together!

Zumba® - The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program. The routines feature interval-training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba® class! *All Levels

Zumba Sentao® - A Zumba class that integrates more intensity using a chair as a prop. *All Levels

ZumbAtomic® - Zumba specifically designed for kids! Ours is offered for ages 9-13.  Gets kids moving, healthier, and more focused. Drop off at Imagine Nation Gym.


What we offer

Group Fitness
Group Fitness
Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and be held accountable to your fitness goals, as well as to meet new friends. Click here for our monthly class schedule!
Group Fitness
I.C. Results Personal Training
Everyone has individual fitness goals—do you know the most effective and efficient way to achieve yours? We can help! Let our expert team of trainers show you how to get there.
Who said healthy food isn't convenient? Come visit the Imagine Center Cafe, serving healthy meals, snacks, smoothies, and more!
Imagine Nation
Imagine Nation
Just for kids!
Ganon Baker Basketball Academy
Ganon Baker Basketball Academy
Interested in Basketball? Come train with the best of the best, Ganon Baker Basketball Academy! Ganon Baker, an active professional, created GBBA to help kids of ALL levels reach and exceed their basketball potential. Training with his elite team is done exclusively at The Imagine Center and can propel kids of all ages and skills to the next level.

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